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TIPS! Fantasy Premier League Game Week 7

 Prediction for Fantasy (English) Premier League Game Week 7

          The premier league fixtures are coming thick and thin because of the increasing number of viewers week by week. The league has taken into shape now and it is now on its peak of entertainment. To get more interest and attraction of the people the league has been playing twice a week. One reason is also that they want to team up the ladder as well.

There are some pretty cool prizes to won for the players therefore they are trying their best to compete with each other in the ground. The prize for the overall winner of the league is a copy of FIFA 22 on the platform of their own choice. this is not a bad choice so don’t waste your time thinking so much because deeply thinking makes you thought weak.


As it had been seen at the beginning of the league begins to die down but now we are in the position to see plenty more points coming from the sticks. All the goalkeepers are on their best efforts. They are crawling on their knees to get the dominancy in the ground but one has to do extraordinary to compete with other ones.

There was a question about the Meslier and his abilities. Some people were asking if he had the ability to be the premier league no. 1 but he had proved the doubters wrong by showing his class in the ground. he picked up a clean sheet by 3-0 victory at Villa Park on Friday. He has the urging ability to attack at the start and to give a leading point for his team in the ground.


There are the majority of the defenders with clean sheets with courtesy like goalkeepers because they are also trying their best to show their qualities. But an overlapping fullback needs great potential from the corner and this type of quality does not keep all the players. All of them are trying to do best in the ground but one has to crawl on knees to be on the top of the list.

Star Signing- Ben Chilwell

Ben Chilwell has taken the time that he needs to settle down but now we will be able to see him in the ground with his full blast. He is also keen to show his best to the viewers. His previous record is outstanding.

Bargain Buy- Jannick Vestergaard

Southampton had already enjoyed a fantastic start to the campaign of their premier league but there are many more points to be had in the league with Aston Villa. Jannick Vestergaard was one who had locked down the starting point for the opponents.


If we talk about the midfielders, here are some of the key midfielders who have the ability to turn over the condition of the match in the ground. Some of them are here:

Star Signing- Heung Min Son

There was no other choice except Heung Min at that time because we want to get a man of quality with a great passion for the team. He has the ability that he can’t stop himself from scoring for his team no matter who he has to face. He always creates the chances to get more and more for his team.

Bargain Buy-Phil Foden

You should have great players like Phil Foden because you are spending money on your team so the status of your team is more important. He has the ability to get dominance over the opponent team. He can stop the opposing players as well to score goals against his team. He is no doubt a great choice for any team therefore all of us want to get him for his team at any cost.

The following weeks are the weeks of competition and success for the competing teams because all of the players are trying to get dominancy for their teams. All of the buyers are also hunting the market to get the best players for their team because they are spending money on buying the players so they should get the best ones. Everyone wants to do upgrade the morale of his team because the status of his team is more important.

This week is more important than the previous 6 weeks because of increasing the number of people and the increasing interest of the people with time. Players are being drafted as well by the buyers after looking at their performance for their teams because everyone wants to get dominancy in the ground. Due to increasing competition and the price value, all the players are participating in this league with great interest and showing their qualities because they want to be the best one. They are enjoying and also getting well amount due to their best qualities.

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