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TIPS! Fantasy Premier League Game Week 6

 Prediction for Fantasy English Premier League Game Week 6

Fantasy Premier League has been watched and enjoyed by several people and game week 5 has been ended with 49 points. Eden Hazard was decided to be chosen for the team to go through because you choose the team every week to get better results. There are famous and match-winning players to sell and buy every week. Every buyer wants to buy the players who have the ability to get a victory for their team.

We are here to know about your opinions that who you want to select for your team. We also want to know about the players who have been selected for the Fantasy Football team and squad because we know that you will select the match-winning players for your team and it will be the best squad. You can give your opinion here that will help us in selecting the best players.


Chelsea and Manchester City are the best for Norwich despite they have no clean sheets due to tough fixtures against Liverpool. Kurl has played a massive part by saving 6 goals for his team and stunned the viewers. It was the 3rd consecutive match when Kurl has saved 5 or more goals. He is one of the match-winning players in the teams who have the ability to stand alone for his team in the ground.

Leno can make his portfolio due to his upcoming fixtures because of his outstanding qualities. Gunner’s goalkeeper has to face the next 9 fixtures without facing any of the top six teams but to seeking his defensive issues. Everyone has to show extraordinary performances to get the victory for his team.


Serge Aurier aims to start his game against Leicester in the Champion Leagues. The Spurs who is the defender has kicked two massive kicks to look dangerous down the right-hand side to show his potential. There is no doubt he has the outstanding qualities to stand alone in the ground for his team.

Digne has been proved as vital for the Everton side who has made his place in the team. He also attempts the more crosses getting more chances to win the game for his team. This is the main reason that he has the highest price in the arena.

Pep Guardiola is now making his focus on his defensive area more than his attacking style because he knows well his weaknesses and strengths. He has to work even harder to get the best results throughout the game week because of increasing competition among the players.


Maddison is the one who has the most key passes with the 100 seasons but he has only 9 after 5 matches now. He also has faced the bets from the Spurs side who could deliver points to fantasy managers. You can see that everyone is in the competition and trying to get a peak point in the market.

Heung-Min Son is the player who has only 15 minutes in the Champion League to boost up his confidence in last week’s game. He shows expectations more than his expectations but he has to do harder to beat the competition in the market because it is not the piece of cake. One has to crawl on the knees to get the best result for his team and to make himself the best one.


It was a surprising fact to goal 6 in only 5 games and Teemu continues it for a long time against Burnley. Don’t forget the Red Devils who are still looking to get dominance in the defensive errors and the Haller is the best one who is trying his best to do so. It will be interesting to see this that everyone is in the race to get dominance in the ground but the best one has to show the best and outstanding qualities. Aguero is the second one to do more goals in the ground. it will be a great competition because every player thinks that he is the best one but one has to prove.

Players should be added according to the planning and according to their previous performances. You have to make your team great and excellent so you have to get better results so it is now up to you to decide because it is your investment. You don’t want to waste your money so you have to make the right decisions while selecting the players. You have to check the previous performance of the players to make your selection the best one. There are obviously many players in the market who have the ability to win the match for their team but the performance remains change week after week so you have to make the decision looking towards the previous week’s performance of the players.

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