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TIPS! Fantasy Premier League Game Week 4

Prediction for Fantasy (English) Premier League Game Week 4

Game-week 3 was a memorable one with 32 points for the Premier Skills and it is up to you to choose the captain to go with your captain Zlatan Ibrahimovic (4 points). As it is the schedule of every week to choose the captain, select the team, and point out the players’ names to sell and buy because everyone wants to get dominance in the ground. Robotics is now on the top of the list of the Premier Skills with 171 points.

Wolves lost 4-0 to West Ham because Jamie Vardy scored a hat-trick to make his team’s dominance. Liverpool is again on the track to demand at least 2 players from their side in your FPL team because Everton and Leicester have already surprised the viewers with the amazing start and the players have started finding a place in FPL teams.

Who you think should be in the Premier Skills English Fantasy Football squad because we also want to hear the news about the players whom you have chosen. It will be a better way to tell us about your opinion here because we also want to see your interest in the league.

Captain in Game-week 4

There are a lot of pretty good ones being picked up for captaincy but the answer mostly goes to Mo Salah. Liverpool has already assisted his name in the season by having three goals. Michael Caley is the most dominant footballer in the final third and he says: Mo Salah has passed the Premier League into the penalty area as a leader of the team.

Draft Player             

  Here is the list of 3 hotlist ranking draft players for Fantasy EPL:

Jannik Vestergaard

Jannik Vestergaard is the defender from the Southampton team. He is the most certain player to be available in the league so you can pick him up to strengthen your team. He has continued his skills in-game weeks 2 and 3 as well with 11.25 and 18.25 points respectively. He is one of the match-winning players of the league.

Connor Hourihane

Connor Hourihane is the midfielder from team Aston Villa and is proved himself a crucial player. He always goes through to get his purpose in the ground for his team. He is easily available for your team who can bring 7 or 8 points in a week. You don’t have any better choice except Hourihane.

Patrick Bamford

Patrick is from the Leeds team as a forwarding player. He is proving himself an unbeatable for the opponent players because of his undisputed qualities. His record at Norwich was outstanding because he has hit the ground hard in the Premier League. It will not be the wrong decision if you pick him up for your team.

It has been a fantastic start for the new week for both Merseyside but Liverpool is trying to fly as expected and Everton is also surprising a lot. It is the larger season to summer signing James Rodriguez who has taken a true start to life in the Premier League. He had some unforgettable moments so scored outstanding goals as well. He shows his effortless performances and lit up the League. He is also famous for his scoring free-kicks and soon he will be the main corner taker.

Transfer out with Reason

 Transfer works properly in EPL because it is done to proper team management after drafting a 15-player team before starting of the English Premier League. Week to week transfer, squad tinkering, and considerations are changed to make the game more interesting and funny to play. All the transfers are made in the Transfer tab that is located on your team screen. Players can be replaced by selecting one of the players with other players.

The deadline for transfer is only one hour before the first match of the game week. The transfer can be made in this way but after passing the deadline this facility may not apply. One thing must be kept in mind that the players should be selected that has the ability to win the match for his team so it will be proved more valuable for you.

The main purpose is to entertain the viewers and players as well so there must be a bird view while selecting players for your team, after-all you are going to pay for this. There should be a quick view of his previous performance and the increasing fame of the player being selected. After selecting the player the next step is to maintain him in your team because there are many millionaires like you who are in search of such players. You have to maintain the stream of your team for the coming game weeks as well. Your team should be the best one throughout the League.

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