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Tips and Tricks for Fantasy Premier League 2021 Guide

Over the years, Fantasy Premier League has seen an immense popularity across the globe. From a few hundreds, it has now grown to a family of more than seven million people – who love scoring points week in and week out.

Fantasy Premier League might be a super fun game but it is equally competitive. You keep on updating your squad and competing with not only your friends but players from all around the world.

Even though, you might feel that they are too good at it but, we will be sharing a few tips and tricks with you – that are going to give you an edge over them.

Tips and Tricks

Without further ado, let’s get right into it;

  1. Never Go for a Balanced Side

It’s obvious that you’re not a real manager. You don’t need to build a side that helps you win titles. But, you need a squad that helps you score more points.

Don’t go for players who work hard but in silence like N’Golo Kante, Giroud or even strikers like Roberto Firmino. Choose players who actually put their name on the scoring sheet or will get you an assist, clean sheet and saves.

  • Players Who are in Starting XI

Leave out your feelings if you want to score points. Pick players who are certain to start. Don’t rely on the fact that they are going to step on the field in the middle of a game.

Add players who are going to start the game and are likely to always be in the starting XI. Ignore the Pep Roulette in this game.

  • Don’t Spend on Overachieving Goalkeeping and Defenders

If you want points, then keep the formula of value vs points in your mind.

Certain players who are good during their previous seasons, often let you down in the following season. Such as players like Gareth McAuley, who have had a good start to the season and they are valued ridiculously high.

Keep a cheap defender in your squad and often give them a chance because it’s highly likely for defenders to pull 1-2 points on weekly basis.

  • Make Transfers Often

Making 1-3 transfers every week builds your team value.

An effective team value is built by making transfers often and the perfect time to do that is in the first half of the season – that being January.

You’ve got to go with players who are shinning. For instance, if you talk about Kevin De Bruyne. If he scores a goal and makes two assists, buy him. On the contrary, if he isn’t performing for two consecutive weeks, a better option would be to sell him out.

Do not. Do not simply rely on your instincts regarding players even if it’s Gareth Bale. If the player isn’t performing well for straight two weeks – he is costing you points. That is a very definite indicator that you should sell him.

  • Head-to-Head League – Proactive Approach

One of the most important tips that you could possibly know for Fantasy Premier League is planning ahead of the game.

Line-up your transfers, formation, starting XI and captain by understanding your opponent. It’s practically an individual battle that you can win just by checking your opponent’s team.

If you make habit out of it, you’ll notice that it always turns into a win situation.

Note: You don’t entirely need to depend upon your opponent’s ridiculous formation. You just need to study your opponent. More than often, they have a player or two in their squad that are bagging in points every week.

  • Transfers Later in the Week

Patience is virtue. As far as this saying goes. It is a better practice to wait as long as you can, before making a transfer.

Collect as much information as you possibly can and then press the transfer button because your transfer outcome will only be known if you have enough knowledge about it.

Even if a player scores in the start and seems a good bargain, you can never rush into buying him. Don’t jump on bandwagon like everyone does and go on buying the player of the week.

  • Get Rid of your Worst Player

Carrying extra weight always brings you down. Similarly in this situation, you need to unload your squad of the players who are not performing and getting you points.

Now the question arises, that whether the players you unload are going to give you big returns or not? That’s not the factor you should worry about. Think about the overall strength it will give your team.

Your team is as strong as your weakest player.

  • Limit your Hit Threshold

Often managers make the mistake of taking too many hits in order to get the player they want and that’s completely wrong. They make multiple transfers in a single week and end-up taking a four point hit.

Even though it could be considered justifiable once in a blue moon, you cannot simply let it go for too long. This technique rarely pays off and more often than not, it massively backfires.

Instead, you should consider putting a limit to the amount of hits you can take in a season.

  • Price Changes

Last but not the least, watch out for the price changes.

It is good to wait till the last moment to make the transfer but you also have to make sure that you don’t cost yourself while trying to wait out.

If you see fit, make the transfer – don’t wait for the prices to change.

Note: It is not recommended that you make the transfer based on only the price changing fact.  

Above all, know that no one can master winning every time because it is a matter of not only strategies but also luck. But, you can always adopt better practices to yield better results. So, by keeping in mind the things we shared with you – the chances of you bagging more and more points every week can increase significantly.

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